Sunny bee

It’s not raining!

In the few minutes when it hasn’t been raining this July, the poor hungry bees have rushed out in force. Their favourite plants seem to be (in no particular order): white clover, honeysuckle, the wild foxgloves that have popped up in various random places this year, and perennial wall flower ‘Bowles Mauve’ – the one garden-centre plant that made the list.

So that’s a big win for the wildflowers. Just sayin’.

6 responses to “Sunny bee

  1. The slugs and snails are thriving this year, but I hate to think what the wet weather is doing to insect populations. Bumblebees are doing their best to ignore the rain, but I’ve hardly seen any butterflies, honeybees or hoverflies. You sound to be doing your bit to help them though, growing lots of nectar rich flowers.

    • Us too – hardly any butterflies this year. We’ve been mowing less (not that we mow much!) to leave more clover etc in the lawn. But as Caro says below, it seems to be a double whammy this year – not enough still/sunny days for insects to get out and about, and not enough food when they do…

  2. I’ve got borage, sweet peas, calendula, poppies, the herbs are flowering … and still no bees. No, I lie. I saw one honeybee today, a remarkable sight in the veg patch this year. What a dismal summer! I’ve taken to hand-pollinating my plants!

    • We saw so few bees in the spring that my Mum offered to go round the apple blossom with a feather duster! (I think a rabbits tail is traditional, no, for hand pollinating…?) We didn’t resort to that and the apples came through in the end – but I’ve heard of one commercial grower nearby putting many bee nests around his orchards, he’s so worried. But as you say – it’s not just the lack of bee forage – it’s the grim weather too!

    • Sorry about the late reply! I’ve a packet of Borage seeds for next year – good to know the bees like it. I was just wondering, do you have problems with the borage being invasive…? (I seem to remember it seeds itself freely and pops up everywhere…)

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