White Campion

White Campion in the field

I’m not much of a botanist. Ok, that’s a terrible overstatement – I am no kind of botanist at all. But I can dimly remember some of the wildflower names I learned as a child. And I’m enjoying learning a bit more about what’s growing around me here in Suffolk. The photo shows one of the flowers that I do remember – White Campion. It’s a hedgerow, road-side type of flower – nothing fancy, but it’s bright white petals really do glow in the evening light. I had a look at the Wildlife Trust’s pages, and learned that the flowers remain open for an unusually long time at dusk, releasing a scent that attracts moths – several moth species feed on White Campion seed pods. Apparently White Campion can be a bit invasive. Certainly, where we had one plant growing along the edge of a ditch last year, it is now spreading out along the whole ditch, and is popping up elsewhere around the plot. But I’m happy to see it and so, I hope, are the moths.

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