Happy Autumn


Autumn is here…

Autumn is here. Yesterday was the Autumn Equinox, the day when night and day are the same length – before the nights get steadily longer as winter comes. Right on cue, the leaves are  starting to turn yellow and orange. In the veg garden, the later ripening stuff – the squash and sweetcorn – is just about ready to pick. It’s been such a strange summer, with all the rain and cold weather. The swallows and swifts left weeks and weeks ago, with no signs of them raising any young this year. Will they be back in May? I hope so. Now the bushes are thick with berries – hawthorn, rosehips and sloes. There’s an old saying that lots of berries in the hedgerows means a cold, hard winter is on its way. We’ll see. The weather has certainly turned – pouring rain today, with cold in the air. Time to get the jumpers out, and to chop some logs…

Going to seed…


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