April in the garden

It’s Garden Share Collective time…it’s also my birthday, so just a short post today!

Planting: It’s been a busy month – we’ve been planting willow and poplar setts (more on that in another post), and lots of seeds – so far, mange tout, spinach,  lettuce – all in modules, under cover – and beetroot (in the ground). I’ve also gone a bit mad on the flower front this year – with sweat peas looking good, and cosmos, cerinthe, larkspur and nigella sown so far. And many more to go…

Sweet peas and cerinthe seedlings

Sweet peas and cerinthe seedlings

The first fruit trees are coming into blossom – there’s plenty of blossom on the plum and gage trees, if we can just stop the pigeons eating the fruitlets later in the Spring, we should have lots to eat later in the year – yum!

Plum blossom

Plum blossom

Harvesting: Not so much – we’re well into the hungry gap, and last Autumn I spectacularly failed to sow any of the things that could have tided me over, such as cold-season leaves and lettuces. But we still have spinach (trying to go to seed, but still edible), chard, and lots of herbs. The perennial Salad Burnet is doing it’s thing, providing lots of feathery cucumber-tasting leaves to add to other salad ingredients. The rhubarb is growing like crazy and will be ready soon.

Chard - still going strong after the winter

Chard – still going strong after the winter

The mighty rhubarb

The mighty rhubarb

To do list: I managed to (mostly) dig over the veg garden, which was my main task last month, so I’m pleased with that (thank you for all the help, Dad!) For April, my main job will be sowing (yet more) seeds – things like French beans, and later in the month courgettes and sweetcorn (in modules on the windowsill, ready to go out when the frosts have gone.)

So that’s my month. There are loads of interesting and informative blogs from around the world taking part in the Garden Share Collective – you can find them here. Happy gardening to you all!







16 responses to “April in the garden

  1. Happy Birthday. You are well ahead with all your sowing. I’m madly trying to get my raised beds finished so that I can start planting. It’s a race against time.

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