Tree Following – May

Just a quick last-minute update on my Common Alder (Alnus Glutinosa), just before the link at Loose and Leafy – the kind host of the Tree Following project – closes for the month. There hasn’t been a huge amount of change, but the leaves are just about fully out, I would say, and looking very green and glossy.

Leaves almost fully out

Leaves almost fully out

Alder leaves

Alder leaves

There’s several inches of new growth at the top of the sapling, with reddish-coloured bark – so the little tree we planted as a 70cm high whip two years ago is now taller than me.

New growth

New growth

I saw no signs of any creatures living on the tree, and only a couple of places where something had taken a nibble out of a leaf.  A couple of bees were buzzing in the ground-ivy flowers that are still growing thickly around the base of the tree. And these wild creatures came to join me while I was taking photos…

Evening ladies

Evening ladies

If you’re following a tree too, I hope they’re all doing well. I’m looking forward to catching up with at least some of them, to see what’s happened since April.


4 responses to “Tree Following – May

  1. Phew! Glad you posted and linked the link, I only just made it, thank you 🙂 Progress is looking good and thank you for the info on biomass, going to check that link now.

    • Glad you made it. Hope the biomass info is useful…I haven’t ever coppiced alder (or anything, for that matter!), so this is all a bit of an experiment. Still, I’ve seen old UK coppiced woodlands with alder, hazel, ash and sweet chestnut in them – so that reassures me it should work. I’ll just have to wait 10-12 years to find out…!

  2. Its a pretty and yet unassuming little tree, I like it! Interesting how similar the leaves are to beech, in some regards, though less markedly grooved (I don’t know what the proper term is for all those ridges), and beech is another tree late in to leaf.

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