Pigs pigs pigs

And here they are…meet the lovely Biscuit and Curly, our two weaner pigs.  We are raising them for meat, in a ‘pig share’ with friends.

Biscuit and Curly

Biscuit and Curly

We went to collect the piglets a couple of weeks ago. They came from latest batch of 700 weaners that had just been delivered to a near-by farm. Our two have settled in well, and it’s good to see them digging. wallowing, grazing and playing (they chase each other around like mad puppies).

There must be a worm I can dig up here somewhere...

There must be a worm I can dig up here somewhere…

I’m hoping they will be much less cute by the time they’re ready for The Great One-Way Trip in the Autumn…


21 responses to “Pigs pigs pigs

    • We’re doing the day-to-day looking after (which is minimal – just topping up water, wallow and feed – tho we spend a lot of time hanging out just watching the pigs!) The co-owners are going to look after the pigs whenever we’re away. (They’ll also transport them to the abattoir when the time comes, as we don’t have a suitable trailer.) We’ll all join in the pig-eating at the end… tho being experienced stock-keepers, they picked a much larger piglet than we did, so they may have a lot more to eat!

    • I know what you mean! But it just seemed easier to name them. The kids still seem fine with the whole project, they’ve talked about how the pigs will be here for a while and then eaten. So they seem OK with it (I hope!)

    • Hi there – many thanks for the link, that’s very interesting. Yep they are both girls/gilts. They do look Tamworth/Old Spot-ish, but they are just ‘commercial hybrid’ pigs, so a bit of a mix I think. Apparently some Duroc was used in these particular commercial hybrids, so that may explain Biscuit’s ginger colouring. Most of the piglets in their batch were ‘little pink pigs’ – but a few were ginger, or had dark spots, or other signs of their heritage. Another year it would be interesting to try rare breeds, but this year we just went for what we could find easily a few minutes drive away!

    • Well, if we’re the proud owners of a giant pet pig this winter, you’ll know we couldn’t go through with it! But actually, I do feel pretty committed to being able to eat meat from animals that I know have been raised in good conditions and looked after well. 🙂

  1. This isn’t going to help… but they are incredibly cute! And it looks like they’re going to have a really good life, doing all the things a pig should do.

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