Not an Alder. Or an Ash. No prizes for guessing, tho.

This blog covers life on our 3.5 acre patch in Suffolk, where my family lives and works, grows food and plays. We’re developing the site (slowly!) along permaculture lines…

Why ‘Alder and Ash’? Well…we like trees. It’s a windy, exposed place, so in the three years since we moved here we’ve planted about 100 ‘biomass’ willows, and about  80 trees for windbreaks and coppice. Ash trees seem to grow well here, and ‘Alder Carr’ (or ‘grove’) is a name that pops up a lot locally. So quite a few of the trees we’ve planted are…alder and ash. Ta da.

We have a ‘little bit of all sorts’ here – a small orchard that we’re re-planting, a bit of meadow, ponds, a vegetable garden.  And lots and lots of critters, from barn owls to bumblebees, morehens to voles.

We’re new to all this, so we’re learning as we go.  We’re not deep-green, off-grid yurt-dwellers (tho we admire those who are!) – we’re just trying to think about the choices we make as we look after our plot. The blog is intended to be a record of the things we learn, and the mistakes we make, as we try to develop our patch into a productive, more sustainable, bio-diverse and – we hope – beautiful place.

Who are we?

I’m Lucy, freelance writer by trade, and chief sower of seeds and grower of veg. I’m interested in sharing ways to grow veg productively and live a bit more sustainably. With some pretty pictures of flowers thrown in once in a while. There’s also H – not so much into the growing, but handy with a digger when needs be – and our two young children. Plus pigs, chickens (currently Snowflake, Deborah the Zebra, and James), and several hives of bees.

All friendly comments and advice are very welcome. And if there’s anything you’d like to know, just ask! Thanks for stopping by.

Biscuit and Curly

Biscuit and Curly

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    • Many thanks for visiting. We’re muddling towards a more sustainable life, I’d say – certainly not there yet, but having fun trying! Really enjoyed your photos, by the way.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my humble little blog. I’ve been enjoying reading some of your past posts and look forward to what you share in the future. Are you still hosting the honeybees?

    • Likewise! And yes, our friends’ honey bees are still here. They lost several hives in last year’s awful cold winter, but they’ve built them back up again and things were looking good, apparently, at the end of the Summer. Fingers crossed they’ve made it through the wet winter. One of these days I’m hoping to do a beekeeping course and have a hive of my own, too…

    • I’m in the East of England where it’s been relatively dry, thankfully – no serious flooding (plenty of storms, tho!) Somerset and the Thames have seen the worst of the floods. And it’s not just us, I think there has been crazy weather in many parts of the world this winter…Thanks for the good wishes, and for visiting!

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